Dear friends!

    We accept orders and send to anywhere in the world, of course, where the foot of a person steps and the cars of the VAG family are used ;-)

    We send to the following countries:

1. Belarus (recommended: Post of the Russian Federation, SDEC);

2. Ukraine (recommended: Mail of the Russian Federation);

3. Kazakhstan (recommended: Mail of the Russian Federation);

4. Countries of the European Union (Germany, France, etc.) (recommended: Postal RF);

if your country is not on the list, write to Us and we will inform you about the possibility of delivery!

    Delivery in Russia is carried out by the following companies:

1. Post of the Russian Federation;

2. CDEC;

    Verified by time and cost of the company and courier services:

1. Mail of the Russian Federation, carries to any country in the world, the cheapest prices, the terms are real.

2. CDEC carries: Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, China.

It is also convenient to carry out delivery in the Russian Federation - it is very convenient to send in Moscow and Moscow region, in other regions prices are also affordable.


- Sberbank card;

- Map of Tinkoff Bank;

- Cashless payments;

- PayPal;

- Webmoney;

- Qiwi;

- Yandex money;

The dispatch by CDEC and the RF Post is carried out within two working days after the payment of the order.

Pickup in Moscow:

- Dmitry Jussi

11:00 - 21:00

Moscow, Ryabinovy ​​ow 38b. (m.Yugo-western)

+7 (915) 323-54-00 (be sure to check availability by phone);

    Still have questions?

1. +7 (925) 342-36-69

2. WhatsApp

4. Instagram

5. VK

6. FB